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Frequently Asked Questions

Edit History
From the main screen, tap the task so its mini-calendar appears. Next, long-press on the mini-calendar to reveal the full calendar. You can then tap any day to set it to COMPLETED, MISSED or SKIPPED. COMPLETED (a filled circle) will increase your streak by 1. MISSED (an X) will reset your streak to 0. SKIPPED (a faded circle) will keep your streak the same as the previous day. Today's date appears as an outlined circle.
Undo Completion
If you accidentally mark a task as completed, you can undo the completion in two ways: 1. You can “shake to undo” on iPhone and iPad, or select “File > Undo Last Completion” on Mac. 2. You can edit your task history by long-pressing on a task’s mini-calendar.
Change Theme
To change the theme for the current page, tap the Settings icon (bottom left) to reveal the theme options. Tapping the same theme multiple times toggles between color, black and white versions of the same theme.


Change Current Page
There are several ways to change the current page: 1. Swipe left/right to move to the next or previous page. You can swipe to the last page from the first page, and vice-versa. 2. Tap or click to the right of the active dot at the bottom to move to the next page (or on the left for the previous page) 3. On iOS, long press on the pager dots until the dots highlight. You can then swipe left/right to change page quickly. 4. On macOS, you can use Cmd-1, Cmd-2, etc. to go directly to a page.
Edit Task
Tap the Settings icon in the bottom-left, then tap the "..." button on the task you want to edit.
Delete Task
Tap the Settings icon in the bottom-left, then tap the "..." button on the task you want to delete. Scroll to the bottom of the task edit screen to reveal the delete option.
How Do Negative Tasks Work?
Negative tasks work differently to regular tasks, as they start each day as complete. If you do nothing with them, they will stay complete and your streak will continue. If you do the thing you’re trying to avoid, long press to mark it as missed. Since you may want to reduce the number of times you’re doing something (for example, you’ve decided it’s okay to smoke 3 times, but not 4 times), then you can set the task accordingly. In this example, you would set the task to 4 times per day. Then, if you smoke, mark the task as missed and it will fill one segment. The task only fully misses once all 4 segments are full.
Sort Tasks
There are two ways to sort your tasks: 1. Tap the Settings icon, then you can long press and drag your tasks to move them within the current page. 2. To move tasks to another page, tap the Settings icon, then tap the “6 dots with arrow” icon on the Settings toolbar.
What Is The ★ Next To The Streak Number?
This indicates that your current streak is also your best for that task. Similarly, a half-filled star means you are one day from reaching your best streak.
What Is The ● Above The Task Icon?
This indicates that if you miss the task today, your streak will be broken. This is only shown for tasks that are set to "number of times week". Also, timed tasks have a similar indicator to count the seconds while the timer is enabled.

Apple Watch

Marking a Task as Complete
On Apple Watch, you can mark a task as complete with a single tap. Additionally, you can long press on the task for more options, such as to undo a completion.

Task Sync

Unable To Enable
If you try to enable the task sync functionality and encounter an error, please ensure your iCloud storage isn’t full. Otherwise, please wait a minute then try again. If the issue persists, please contact support and tell us the error you received.

Health Tasks

Creating Health Tasks
Streaks can connect to the iOS Health app in a several ways: * Some tasks only read data recorded by other apps (e.g. step count) * Other tasks can also record data to the Health app. RECORDING TO HEALTH There are two ways Streaks can record to Health: 1. Tasks such as dietary / water tasks will record when you mark the task as complete. 2. Tasks such as body weight or blood glucose allow you to enter precise values that you may have measured elsewhere. CREATING A NEW TASK 1. Select add a new task 2. Select either the “Heart” or “Cutlery” icons up the top 3. Select and save a task Tasks that record to Health have a heart-with-arrow icon beside them. LINK AN EXISTING TASK 1. Go to the task settings 2. Select "Convert Task" 3. Select “Link to Health app” 4. Select the task type. When linking a task to Health, a default quantity will be chosen for you. You can edit this value as necessary.
Energy Deficit
This task measures the difference between the energy of the food you eat, compared to your physical activity. If you're currently meeting your goal, the progress indicates how far through the day you currently are. Otherwise, the progress shows 0.

Shared Tasks

Start Sharing A Task
You can share any of your tasks with other Streaks users, which means they can see your progress and be notified when you complete the task. To share your task: 1. Select Settings on the main screen. 2. Select “…” on the task you want to share. 3. Select Start Sharing on the Task Edit screen. 4. Now you can send an invitation to the other person. Note that the person you share a task with must also be running Streaks 7 or newer. Once the other person receives an invite, they can open that link to launch Streaks and to start following your task.
Stop Sharing A Task
To stop sharing a task that you have previously shared: 1. Select “Settings” on the main screen. 2. Select “…” on the task you want to stop sharing. 3. Select “Shared With" on the Task Edit screen. 4. Select “Stop Sharing”. Other users who are following this task of yours will now be shown a message to indicate the task is no longer being shared.
Start Following A Task
When a task is shared with you, you will receive an invitation which allows you to add the task your Streaks app. 1. Select the invitation (e.g. tap the link) 2. Streaks will then open and indicate that the task is being added. 3. Once complete, you will be shown confirmation, with an option to choose a task owner icon (you can change this icon later). You will now receive updates when the task owner completes the task, and you can check their progress within Streaks.
Stop Following A Task
To stop following a task that another user has shared with you: 1. Select “Settings” on the main screen. 2. Select “…” on the task you want to stop following. 3. Select “Delete Task” from the bottom of the Task Edit screen. The owner of this task will be able to see that you are no longer following the task.
Change Task Owner Icon
When a task is shared with you, a badge appears over the task showing an icon for the owner of the task. This icon is the same for each task that user shares with you. To change this icon: 1. Select “Settings” on the main screen. 2. Select “…” on the task you want to change the owner icon for. 3. Select “Shared By” on the Task Edit screen. 4. Select “…” that appears on the owner icon. 5. Select a new icon.
Send A Message
You can quickly send a message to the owner of a task, directly from Streaks. Note that this uses the system Messages app. 1. Select “Settings” on the main screen. 2. Select ”…” on the task you want to show the message option. 3. Select "Action Button" on the Task Edit screen. 4. Select “Send Message”. 5. Go back and select ”Done”. Now, you will see a ”Message” icon on the task. When you tap this icon, you can send a message directly from Streaks. *Note: The first time you select this button you may need to link the task owner to your address book. All of this information stays on device and is used only for the stated purpose.*


Application Badge
The application badge indicates the number of tasks still to be completed today. You can turn this option off on the Setting screen using the “Show Countdown Badge on App” option. You can also include or exclude specific tasks from being included by changing the task’s notification settings.
Automatic Times
When creating a new task, its notification schedule is set to “Automatic Times". This means that the app automatically determines when to send notifications based on when you normally complete that task. Sometimes these times won’t suit your needs, so you can choose instead for reminders to appear at specific times.